Introducing the Native American Career Success Academy


Native American Career Success Academy (NACSA)

NACSA provides online learning courses to advance student knowledge on topics critical to their development as young adults and professionals. Students who participate in this pilot program will be expected to complete assignments individually & contribute to online discussions.

All courses are available online through CANVAS.

  • Completion of the online NACSA curriculum is required to be eligible to apply for the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship program.
  • After you register for NACSA, you will receive an invitation to join the ‘NACSA – Personal Finance Course’ from CANVAS. The personal finance curriculum is available now to interested students.
  • Students must first complete the Personal Finance Curriculum in order to access the Career Preparation curriculum.
  • NACSA administrators will track student progress in Canvas and be available to answer questions.
  • All students who finish both curriculums will receive a certificate of completion from the Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA).

Course 1: Personal Finance. (Time estimate for completion 3-5 hours)
This course introduces key concepts for financial responsibility, why it is important, and how wise decision making can positively impact your present and future.

1.) What is Personal Finance?
2.) Being a savvy Consumer
3.) Developing a personal spending plan
4.) Managing Cash flow
5.) Getting organized
6.) Using credit wisely
7.) The five C’s of Credit, Understanding your credit report
8.) Understanding student loans
9.) Why should you save?
10.) Big consumer purchases

Course 2: Career Preparation. (Time estimate for completion 7-9 hours)
This course will help develop the skills and confidence required to present yourself as a young professional at a job/internship and work-related events.
1.) Dress for Success
2.) Business Etiquette
3.) Cover Letter & Resume
4.) Networking & Elevator Speech
5.) Career Roadmap

Questions about NACSA? Contact


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