CNAY Conducts Gen-I Native Youth Roundtable in Salt Lake City

Gen-INative youthCNAY partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) on an outreach trip to Salt Lake City in August. Together, we co-presented at the 11th Annual Governor’s Native American Summit and organized a Gen-I Native Youth Roundtable at the Natural History Museum of Utah. During the presentation at the summit, CNAY discussed Native youth perspectives on school climate and education. CNAY also invited a local Gen-I Youth Ambassador Kyra John to share her experiences with the Utah school system, and her leadership efforts to improve school climate. NEA introduced their work and shared opportunities for teachers and administrators to engage with and access NEA resources.

Kyra John_CNAY_SLC 2016
CNAY staff with Gen-I Youth Ambassador Kyra John

Kyra joined CNAY and NEA for the Gen-I Native Youth Roundtable, and helped engage more Native youth in the Salt Lake City area. We had a great turnout and introductory conversation to further build relationships in Utah. Thank you to NEA and the museum for their support!

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