Gen-I National Native Youth Network Quarterly Update – July 2016

In May, CNAY released the Gen-I Online Roundtable, a national online survey of Native youth. This survey seeks to understand what resources young people need to help them address important coBabybrucemmunity issues and access pathways to success. And just like our youth roundtables in Indian Country, this survey gives Native youth the option to stay connected with CNAY for future opportunities to share their stories and perspectives. CNAY will share what we learn from this survey so that youth – and the programs and agencies that serve them – can use the data to help educate others, fundraise for projects, and advocate for youth in Indian Country.

CNAY continues to develop the Gen-I Youth Ambassador program to expose Native youth to a wide range of experiences, connections, and opportunities that foster leadership development. To date, we have engaged 335 Native youth in the Ambassador program, and continue to solicit direct input on program development and resources exchanged through the Network.

CNAY also maintains the Gen-I Network Map and resource platform. CNAY’s resource web portal is updated regularly to index and expand resources related to program funding opportunities, programming for educational scholarships, entrepreneurship and job trainings, and leadership development resources.

Native youth and community programs continue to take the Gen-I Challenge, and are added to the Network map as “Challenge Takers”. With the help of partners, we have designed an updated Gen-I Challenge that focuses on college and career readiness. We believe this new focus will increase both the number of youth taking the Challenge and programs to be included on the Network Map. Moving forward, we will continue to update the Map monthly with new resources and will continue to push the Challenge on social media and among CNAY networks.

In the two months since the release of the Gen-I Online Roundtable, CNAY has collected nearly 550 survey responses. We expect to collect at least 250 more in the remaining two months that the survey is open. Click here to share the survey with Native youth under the age of 25.

CNAY connected with more than 3,000 youth through Facebook, and thousands more through other electronic mediums this past quarter. In addition, there have been four engagement calls. The calls and online chats are designed to discuss leadership efforts related to the Gen-I Challenge, the Youth Ambassador Network and issues relating to the environment, cultural preservation, education, health, tribal governance, and workforce/leadership development.

For questions and ideas about CNAY’s efforts related to the Generation Indigenous movement, contact Teddy McCullough.


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