Meet Jason Mecum, Future Dental Therapist from the Coquille Indian Tribe

coquille-canoe_60Jason Mecum, Coquille Indian Tribe

Hi my name is Jason Mecum and I am a proud member of the Coquille Tribe. I currently live in Milwaukie Oregon which is a small suburb of Portland. For fun I love fishing, hunting, snowboarding, and I do not like mayonnaise.

I choose the DHAT program because I want to make a difference in peoples lives. Dental care is one thing that is not available to some people, and being able to provide this service is going to be very rewarding. The changes of moving to Alaska for the program are really going to be different. But thankfully there is a strong support team of teachers and the students that I can rely on to help me through the next 2 years.

Personally I am very excited about getting to Bethel and seeing a whole new cultural aspect of what the Native Alaskan life is like. For my tribe the DHAT is going to give them another option to see a qualified provider to help them with any dental needs that they have.

Jason’s story was originally published by the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. Click on the link below to learn more:


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