AmeriCorps VISTA Positions Open on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

AmeriCorps VISTA sponsors are actively recruiting to fill summer and year-long positions on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Note that for twenty of the summer opportunities, the last day for CNCS to place members is Monday, June 20, 2016. In those cases, applicants would need to apply as soon as possible in order to complete the application review, interview, citizenship and other processes to meet the July 1 placement deadline. Those who are placed in a summer position will receive $2000 stipend for the eight weeks of work, plus a $1200 scholarship at the end of their service to pay for any school or pay back student loans. Year long positions will vary in compensation.

We appreciate any assistance you can provide in recruiting individuals for these positions! If there are any questions that are not answered via the online portal please contact Jil Deitz and for more information.

AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate Opportunities for Pine Ridge. Each posting has 10 slots attached to it.

AmeriCorps VISTA year-long positions for Pine Ridge:



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