May 26: Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) Webinar

One Month Countdown: Developing a Proposal for a Round Two Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) 

May 26, 2016 | 3pm – 4pm ET

Frustrated by federal policy barriers preventing you from providing coordinated services and supports for disconnected youth? Do you have an innovative idea that will improve outcomes for disconnected youth?

Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) will give selected local, tribal and state agencies the opportunity to enter into an agreement with the federal government that will grant broad flexibility in how the site uses discretionary federal funds to implement evidence-informed practices while committing to achieve significant improvements for disconnected youth. P3 applicants can request to (1) blend their existing federal discretionary funds and (2) receive flexibility from specific federal program requirements. The proposals are due June 27.

Join the Forum for Youth Investment‘s policy team as we walk through the specific components of the P3 application ─ and share resources that will help you develop a quality proposal.

Register for the webinar here.

For more information about P3 including the Forum’s P3 Proposal Development Toolkit visit the Online P3 Hub.


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