May 13 Gen-I NOW: NAT$VE in the BANK – Chance to Win an iPad Air!

Pablan! (Hello in the Inupiaq Language!)
Pronounced: pah-blahn

This Gen-I Native Opportunities Weekly (NOW) message shares information about the NAT$VE in the BANK Initiative!

The National Congress of American Indians has joined forces with the Native Financial Education Coalition to create NAT$VE in the BANK, an initiative designed to encourage Native youth to make smart financial decisions over the course of their lives. Participants have the chance to win an iPad Air!

The deadline to participate is May 15, 2016.


NAT$VE in the BANK is open to American Indian and Alaska Native youth between the ages of 12 and 23 years old.


1.    “Answer the Call” by filling out a brief online application;
2.    Complete a short, fun online course on financial education;
3.    Open an account with a bank or credit union;
4.    Take a selfie with a bank/credit union representative; and
5.    Share your story (through words or art) about your financial goals.


Youth who complete the four step process will receive a NAT$VE in the BANK T-shirt and be entered for a chance to win an iPad Air!

LEAD THE WAY: If participants recruit at least three friends to also complete NAT$VE in the BANK’s four easy steps, they will be entered for a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card, an iPad Mini, or a trip to Spokane, WA, to attend NCAI’s 2016 Mid-Year Conference! In order to be considered for the drawing, participants must fill out this form, sharing how they spread the word and who they referred!


For more information, including additional instructions and guidelines, please contact Ian Record at or submit a question online.


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