Share Your Opinion for the Chance to Win a Full Nike N7 Package

Brayden Survey

Native youth drive our work. That’s why since our launch in 2011 the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) has traveled to 23 states and connected with more than 5,000 Native youth to better understand their challenges, strengths, and priorities in urban and reservation communities.

Now, we’re bringing our roundtable online. We want to expand our reach. We want to hear from more Native youth and ask for your help to strengthen our resources.

Cd3fkZZUsAA3HMjWe are launching the Gen-I Online Roundtable, a survey to engage Native youth across the country. This survey seeks to understand what resources young people need to help them address important community issues and access pathways to success. And just like our youth roundtables in Indian Country, this survey gives Native youth the option to stay connected with CNAY for future opportunities to share their stories and perspectives. CNAY will share what we learn from this survey so that youth – and the programs and agencies that serve them – can use the data to help educate others, fundraise for projects, and advocate for youth in Indian Country.

The Gen-I Online Roundtable only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, and is open to Native youth under the age of 25. CNAY will award prizes for participation on a monthly basis. Everyone who participates will have the opportunity to win one of two full Nike N7 clothing and shoe packages. Additional prizes will be awarded monthly, including gift cards, Nike N7 gear, t-shirts, and other fun gifts. The survey will remain open until September 2016.

Don’t miss out.

Let’s get as many Native youth at the table as we can.  Please share the survey link below and help us promote the Gen-I Online Roundtable to Native youth in your networks. Click here to access draft promotional materials to help you spread the word.

Thank you for your participation and support! We look forward to hearing your perspectives and sharing key findings!

If you have questions about the Gen-I Online Roundtable, please contact CNAY staff at or call (202) 736-3577.

Gen-I Online Roundtable:


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