Gen-I Online Roundtable Social Media Kit

b0eb0-youngboysThanks for helping us promote the Gen-I Online Roundtable! We’ve come up with the following posts to help you spread the word! Remember to use #GenISurvey on social media. Reach out to us if we can provide any other help!


Calling all #NativeYouth! This is your chance to share your #NativeVoice and win awesome @NikeN7 gear for doing it! Participate in the #GenI Online Roundtable and tell your friends that you took the #GenISurvey! Click here to learn more!

@Center for Native American Youth has teamed up with @NikeN7 to offer prizes for #NativeYouth who take the #GenISurvey! Spend 10 minutes sharing your voice for your chance to win! More details here: 


#NativeYouth!Take the #GenISurvey for a chance 2 share your #NativeVoice w @Center4Native &win awesome @NikeN7 gear!

.@Center4Native needs #NativeYouth to share your voices! Take the #GenISurvey for a chance to win @NikeN7 gear!

.@Center4Native joins @NikeN7 to provide awesome prizes for #NativeYouth! Take the #GenISurvey for a chance to win!


Right-click on the images to save and share on social media!

COMPGen-I VRTJoin the Gen-I Virtual Roundtable



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