AthLife Foundation: Student-Athlete Impact Grants

The AthLife Foundation is searching for BIE/Tribal high schools, as well as public and private high schools serving Native American communities, who compete interscholastically, and seek to create programming that uses sport to promote academic achievement, develop leadership skills, and prepare student athletes to compete in their future careers beyond sport. Funding is available for an initial one-year grant of up to $10,000. Further funding is available for additional programming after the first year; but contingent upon school interest and successful execution of initial grant fund requirements and overall program implementation. Learn more here!

The deadline to request application materials is June 17, 2016.

The application requires schools to take all of the following actions:

  • Create a competitive plan to supplement and match funding request to sustain a minimum part-time position;
  • Hire for and manage the payroll for the created position;
  • Designate in-school administrator to oversee program, supervise staff, and serve as main contact for AthLife Foundation;
  • Dedicate space within the school for staff to operate the program and work with student-athletes;
  • Commit to collect and submit all required data on program’s progress;
  • Commit to sending a minimum of TWO staff members to the AthLife Foundation’s industry leading conference, July 14-15-16 (Philadelphia, PA);
  • Target a minimum of one male and one female athletic team for program launch.

*Schools that traditionally serve students from; lower socioeconomic public, non-public, Tribal/BIE schools, schools with statistically lower graduation rates, lower post-secondary matriculation rates, and higher percentages of students from single or no-parent households, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Click here to request the application by June 17, 2016

For more information, contact the AthLife Grants Department by phone: (610) 250-0105 or by email:


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