CNAY Engages Washington State Native Youth in Virtual Meeting

CNAY was invited by the Western Washington Native Education Consortium (WWNAEC) to speak with participants of their Native American Youth Leadership Academy on April 28. This year’s WWNAEC Academy convened students from a variety of schools in and around Seattle, Washington, to encourage their leadership and allow them to share updates from the various community service initiatives in which they are engaged.

As part of their involvement in WWNEAC, participants in the Youth Leadership Academy worked together to write proposals for mini grants that would support youth-designed projects to improve their communities. Funding for the mini grants was provided by WWNEAC, through revenue generated by their annual Educators Conference.
Youth who received grants used the funding to implement new or enhanced programming, and shared the progress of their projects during the day long Academy meeting in Washington state.

wwneac skype

CNAY’s Amber Richardson and Teddy McCullough joined the Academy via Skype to introduce our work and share information about resources and events that could further supplement youth’s efforts to improve their tribal and urban Indian communities. CNAY also encouraged youth participants to take the Gen-I Challenge by submitting information about the projects they’re already working on to CNAY.  Youth were encouraged to take their leadership one step further by becoming Gen-I Ambassadors and serving as liaisons between the Generation Indigenous National Native Youth Network and peers in their communities.

The Gen-I Challenge is still ongoing! If you are a young person doing something positive in your community, share it with us to gain access to a network of motivated young Native leaders and tips and tools for effective community engagement. Take your leadership to the next level by becoming a Gen-I Ambassador to serve as a liaison between the National Native Youth Network and young people in your community. Learn more about Gen-I here.


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