Positively Publishing Kids – Call for Indigenous Children’s Book Illustrators


Research shows that 93% of children’s books lack diversity and less than 1% of children’s books represent Native American people. In addition to providing artistic and financial opportunities for low income youth, the mission of Positively Publishing Kids is to help close the diversity gap in children’s books.

Positively Publishing Kids is a multicultural publisher that works with young people to create books. Their first book, released in June 2015, was entirely illustrated by a teenager, who now receives royalties for each copy of the book that is sold. Click here to learn more about this artist.

Positively Publishing Kids is searching for American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian illustrators between the ages of 14 and 21* years old to collaborate with their company on future books.

If you are a Native artist between 14 and 21 and are interested in serving as an illustrator for one of Positively Publishing Kids’ next books, click here to review the guidelines and submit your artwork. If selected as an illustrator, you will receive an illustrator’s contract and royalties for each sold copy of the book in which your illustrations appear!

*Note: The publisher’s website states that artists must be between 14-18 years old. However, this opportunity has been extended to artists between 14 and 21 years old.

For questions, email submissions@positivelypublishingkids.com.


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