American Indian Education Fund Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Applications – Due April 4!

The American Indian Education Fund offers competitive undergraduate and graduate scholarships of up to $2,000 to eligible American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian students. The scholarship review committee places special emphasis on the essay portion of the application. This is a great scholarship opportunity for all Native students, but especially first year students, students who have a GPA between 2.0-3.5, or non-traditional students.

A completed application and all supporting appliation materials must be postmarked by April 4, 2016 and mailed to:

Application Checklist:


  • Submit a completed Undergraduate or Graduate scholarship application.
  • Provide documentation of tribal enrollment for yourself or a parent.
  • Provide transcripts (undergraduate applicants must include ACT and GPA scores).
  • Enroll in an accredited technical school, college, or university as a full-time student.


For questions or to get more information, call 1-866-866-8642 (toll-free) or email


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