2 thoughts on “News Release: Indian Affairs Student Leadership Summer Institute Announced

  1. While this opportunity is nice, it’s requirements are obviously not developed with actual native communities in mind. The fact it requires you to be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe yet doesn’t require you to submit community involvement means that those who are members of non-federally recognized tribes or those who don’t meet the archaic blood quantum rules will not be able to participate, but the Cherokee and Chickasaw’s of the world, whose quantum can be as low as 1/256 or even 1/512 who don’t live on reservations nor anywhere near Indian Country, don’t experience/suffer from the same systematic oppression and never will, will be able to take advantage of this. Meanwhile disenrolled Blackfeet, Acoma, or even the Freedmen who were born and bred on the rez and contribute directly to their reservations will not be able to participate. This is very disappointing that Center for Native American Youth would support a program that employs such a disgusting method of exclusion and obviously isn’t aimed at those who participate in Indian Country, but instead those who take advantage of Indian Country.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out to the Center for Native American Youth and sharing your perspectives on these important issues. Enrollment stipulations and the limitations they sometimes place on the ability of Native youth to take advantage of certain resources is a point of concern we’ve heard expressed in some of our outreach to young people Indian Country. It has always been CNAY’s position to share as many resources as possible with Native youth, including opportunities that require enrollment in a federally recognized tribe, and many more that do not. You can find these resources (including scholarships, internships, job opportunities and more) both here on our blog, and on our website at http://www.cnay.org.

      We thank you again for raising this issue and for reaching out. Please let us know how we can continue to be helpful with the resources and opportunities we share with indigenous young people in our networks.

      Center for Native American Youth

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