Apply by Jan 27 for the Harvard Project Honoring Nations Award

Each year, The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development (The Harvard Project) offers the distinguished Honoring Nations Awards for outstanding and innovative tribal programs across the nation. The Honoring Nations Award identifies programs who are rebuilding their local communities and highlights the vibrancy of American Indian populations. The Honoring Nations Award is dedicated to celebrating, documenting, and disseminating the stories of the outstanding programs in self-governance and government successes that are emerging daily from Native nations.

The Harvard Project’s Honoring Nations Program invites applications from American Indian governments from across a broad range of subject areas including:

  • Cultural Affairs
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Education
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Government Performance
  • Health and Social Services
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Justice

The 2016 Honoring Nations awardees will receive a monetary grant to share their stories of success: $2000 for honors and $5000 for high honors. Awardees will also be featured in case profiles, nation-building curriculum, on the Google Cultural Institute platform, and through world-class exhibits showcased at the Smithsonian Institution.

Click here to apply.

At the heart of Honoring Nations is the principle that tribes themselves hold the key to positive social, political, cultural, and economic prosperity—and that self-governance plays a crucial role in building and sustaining strong, healthy Indian nations. Honored programs give decision-makers fresh ideas about how to create sustainable economies, improve service delivery, protect and manage vital resources, administer justice, and educate tribal citizens.

Past recipients of this award are role models of success and inspiration throughout Indian Country. To date, Honoring Nations has recognized 124 exemplary tribal government programs, practices, and initiatives and held five tribal government symposia.

For additional information about the Honoring Nations Award, please contact:
Megan Hill, or
Eliza Bemis,


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