Join Teach For America’s Native Alliance Initiative!

Please See the Message Below from Samantha Wauls, Teach For America Alum:


I just wanted to let you know that this January 15 will be Teach For America’s fourth deadline of the year and I think that you should consider this incredible opportunity as a post- grad option.

I was a 2013 TFA South Dakota corps member and it was without a doubt, one of the most transformational experiences I have had. I now work in Washington, DC helping to increase services to tribal members who are victims or survivors of crime, and my corps experience, my students and their families are what have guided my career path to the work I do today.

Teach For America is committed to being one of the largest pipelines for Native teachers in the country. I am a part of the Native Alliance Initiative Council, and one of our main charges is bringing more Native teachers into schools across the country, especially those serving Native kids.

Many of my fellow alums have reflected on this as a unique experience where you can make change right after graduating. Watch this video to learn more.

Let me know if you would like to speak one on one about my experience- I am happy to share!

All my best,

Samantha Wauls

What is Teach For America?  [Extra insight to share!]

Teach For America believes that all children deserve an education that gives them the opportunity to pursue their dreams. By becoming a part of Teach For America, you join remarkable people—a network of teachers and alumni that is 50,000 strong—from all backgrounds and professions who rise to the challenge of doing what is right for kids and giving back to our nation’s highest need communities.

Alumni go on to become leaders who advocate for kids in sectors from education to law to business and beyond. Now is a great time to work on your application—this could be you. Apply by January 15 to take the first step. Seniors, some TFA regions cannot place corps members after this deadline, so they encourage you to apply now for the 2016 corps. Juniors, this is your first chance to apply for the 2017 corps.

And, if you’ve ever wished you could get a glimpse inside a teacher’s life (or you just love a great YouTube video binge), now you can! TFA is following three educators in a new reality series called “The Real Life of Teachers.”  In the first episode, you’ll meet the three teachers, get a glimpse of their daily routines, and learn about the (adorable) reason Pocco is always busy in the evening! Check out all five episodes now!


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