Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership Provides Support for Native Students Seeking Graduate Degrees in STEM Fields

SloanThe Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) program helps supports the success of American Indian and Alaska Native students enrolled in graduate study in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The partnership includes University of Alaska (Anchorage and Fairbanks), The University of Arizona, Montana University System (The University of Montana, Montana State University, Montana Tech), and Purdue University. The Sloan Foundation partners with these universities to fund Master’s degree scholarships (up to $20,000) and Doctoral degree scholarships (up to $40,000) for American Indian and Alaska Native students. These universities create welcoming and supportive environments for AI/AN students and work to meet the professional development needs of students.

To apply, students must submit the SIGP application when applying to their graduate study program. To learn more about the application process for each individual SIGP partner university, visit SIGP’s website.

Click here for a profile on Kyle Bemis, a Sloan Scholar from the Zuni Pueblo nation with a research focus on statistics.


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