Senator Dorgan Responds to Washington Post’s Anti-ICWA Article

Today, the Washington Post published a letter to the editor by the Center for Native American Youth’s founder and chairman, former US Senator Byron Dorgan. In his response to George Will’s September 3rd editorial, published online as “The Blood-Stained Indian Child Welfare Act,” Dorgan addresses misleading, unfair, and harmful information about the purpose and impact of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Below are except’s from Senator Dorgan’s response, which can be read in its entirety in print today or online here.

            The Indian Child Welfare Act was passed to help keep native children safe and connected to their tribal nations. 

“To insinuate that a tribal government isn’t concerned about the best interest of native children is insulting.”

            “When we talk about “blood-stained” laws, we should talk about the history of the treatment of Native             Americans: laws of genocide, sterilization, forced removal and assimilation…and a trail of broken promises.”

In addition to Dorgan’s response, the Washington Post published a letter to the editor from CNAY’s 2013 Champion for Change and former policy fellow Joaquin Gallegos. “Tribes are essential to the well-being of Native American children” by Gallegos can be found here:

The full link to Dorgan’s response can be found here:


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