August 20 Gen-I NOW Message: THRIVE Suicide Prevention Campaign

Ho^  (Hello in the Sac and Fox Nation Language)

This NOW message contains information about the New THRIVE Suicide Prevention Campaign sponsored by Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

THRIVE imageThe New THRIVE Suicide Prevention Campaigns motto is “We are connected. We need you here“. This campaign has been designed with the help of Native community members across the U.S. and our goal is to ignite more hope in those thinking about suicide and to show them that there are people around them that can help and support them.

The WeRNative Website  has free “We need you here” Suicide Prevention Campaign materials for Native Youth available.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also using social media to encourage actions that prevent suicide in their campaign of 1 Photo. 6 Words. #VetoViolence.

Background: THRIVE provides training and technical assistance on suicide prevention & media campaign development in the Pacific Northwest. If you would like to request materials, please, contact Celena McCray at

Important Dates: National Suicide Prevention Week is September 7-13, 2015

We encourage you to visit our website ( for a comprehensive list of available resources (scholarships, fellowships, summer programs, grant opportunities, etc.). Thank you for your continued support and interest in the Center for Native American Youth and Generation Indigenous.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us back and let us know what types of Native youth opportunities you are looking for and we can be sure to include them in upcoming emails. We invite you to share your feedback. You can also sign up for CNAY’s newsletter here


Center for Native American Youth


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