Health Tech Spotlight: Finding the Right Help, and the Right Time

Often when Native students enter college, they can face a range of issues that take away from their mental and emotional well-being. To compound the problem, students often find themselves swimming in an environment where there are a lack of mental health resources. Even if those resources are available, they’re often geared towards reactive scenarios instead of prevention and diagnosis.

As a way to combat this problem, a team of mental health experts created a website that helps students identify signs of mental illness and determine if and when they might need to seek care in their area. The site also works to help students create proactive strategies to eliminate the problem before treatment is necessary. This serves as a valuable resource for Native college students who may be grappling with feelings of isolation in regards to their mental health, and supports the development of effective strategies to deal with those feelings on their own, and seek help when they need it. Click below to learn more:




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