May 27 Native Opportunity Weekly: #DearNativeYouth Poetry Contest

Zondè Ewah (Hello in the Yomba Shoshone Tribe language),

This NOW message contains information about the #DearNativeYouth Poetry Contest.

As/Us is a group that showcases creative literary expressions and scholarly work of both emerging and established women writers from around the world, particularly Indigenous women. As/Us is teaming up with the Survival of First Voices Festival for the #DearNativeYouth Poetry Contest. Information regarding the contest is shared below.

Who: Youth ages 11-24
What: Poetry Contest – submit up to four poems using the writing prompts below
Prize: First place for middle/high school and college age groups will be published in the fall issue of As/Us Journal

Writing Prompts: 
*Email submissions to
Choose a prompt and write a poem…

  • Focused on your community (actual vs potential; your vision for it; your relationship to it), connecting abstract ideas to concrete objects.
  • Describing how you can be a leader in your community (how does a person become a good leader, what qualities can you develop to be one, etc.).
  • In the form of a message or letter to your future or past self.
  • Detailing the person you see in the mirror (how you see yourself in 5-10 years).
  • Remembering something or someone you lost.
  • About living in a world that doesn’t yet exist (ideal world).
  • Addressing a particular social justice issue.
  • Pointing out a problem you see in society, among your peers, or in your community (make sure to offer a solution).

Submission Deadline: Monday, June 1

*Email submissions to


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