NCAI President Delivers the State of Indian Nations Address

On January 22, President Brian Cladoosby of the National Congress of American Indians addressed members of Congress, senior Administration officials, leaders of tribal nations, and Native youth during the 2015 State of Indian Nations Address. President Cladoosby focused his speech around improving economic opportunity, education and innovation in Indian Country.

Cladoosby SOIN“Today, I bring a simple message from the tribes of the 21st Century: We must tear down barriers to growth, simplify regulations that are limiting opportunities, and acknowledge that tribes have the capability as governments to oversee our own affairs,” said Cladoosby during the address delivered to a studio audience at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

During the address, Cladoosby outlined a clear plan and top-level priorities for Congress and the Administration that could garner bipartisanship support. These policies include: tax reform, technology Access, energy reform, and education reform. Furthermore, President Cladoosby called on Congress and the Administration to ensure that tribal nations have a seat at the policymaking table and are consulted on all policy issues.

NCAI also used this as an opportunity to release its FY 2016 Budget Request as well as a new publication that highlights the history of the relationship between Tribal Nations and the United States.

We were excited to participate and hear from President Cladoosby and came away feeling empowered and inspired to continue working to improve the health, safety, and overall well-being of Native Youth.




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