Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) Program Can Increase Funding Flexibility for Tribes

On Nov. 24, 2014, the federal government released a solicitation for the new Performance Partnership Pilot program (P3). Through P3, up to 10 selected pilot sites (local, tribal or state governments) will enter into an agreement with the federal government that will grant broad flexibility in how the site uses discretionary federal funds to implement evidence-informed practices while committing to achieve significant improvements for disconnected youth. The funds can come from the departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human services, and from the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Institute for Museum and Library Science. Proposals are due March 4, 2015.

Although these pilots will provide an unprecedented opportunity for policy flexibility, applying for and executing the pilots will be a complex undertaking. The Forum and our partners are working to provide support from outside of government, to be coupled with the new flexibility from inside government, to help communities develop strong applications and to ensure that the selected sites reach their full potential. This website hub for P3 provides resources and information to help sites not only submit strong proposals, but also build the capacity of the partnerships to break down barriers and align efforts across departments.

  • The federal government has issued a notice inviting applications for the FY14 round of Performance Partnership Pilots. The proposals are due March 4, 2015. Access the P3 solicitation here.

Please contact Sara Matthew at for additional information on P3 resources and with any questions or feedback.


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