Aspen Seminars Seeks Native Leaders to Join Dialogue on Values and Leadership

The Aspen Seminars group at the Aspen Institute is seeking Native American voices to contribute to and benefit from deep reflection on the values that inform leadership in and for a good society. For more than 60 years, the Aspen Seminar on leadership, values, and the good society has provided formal and informal leaders the time and space to reflect on their priorities, to gain a greater context for the decisions that they make, and to clarify the values by which they make those decisions. Read about experiences from participants here

Their approach to professional and personal development recognizes that the most important decisions are not technical decisions, but decisions about competing values. The seminar is a unique opportunity to step away from the demands of the present to reflect with 20 others — in moderated, text-based, Socratic dialogue — on the values by which we lead and how competing values might be reconciled, whether in our organizations or in society as a whole. This is not a skills training course, but a structured reflection on the perennial human questions. Participants come away refreshed, with a greater sense of clarity and purpose, and with a new network of diverse leaders from all walks of life.

The small size of the group and the residential setting allow for deep, conversational learning, both in the formal sessions and in the afternoon activities and common meals. The Socratic nature of the seminar means that each voice is heard—that the questions that are important to you get considered, even as we read authors from past and present who have contributed to the Great Conversation. The Founder of the Aspen Institute, Walter Paepcke, remarked that the purpose of the seminar was to help leaders become “more self-aware, and more self-correcting”. Please bring your voice to this conversation and let it mix with the many other voices you’ll hear and take away as you think about your leadership roles and your place and responsibilities in the good society.

The Aspen Seminar is by nomination and invitation only and their team is working with the Center for Native American Youth to raise awareness of this opportunity and generate nominations for leaders in Indian Country. There is limited scholarship support, up to full tuition, on a competitive basis. For more information, see or be in touch directly.


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