Undergraduate Opportunity: Fullbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellowship!

Hey Undergraduate Students!

Are you looking for something to do after you graduate this
spring? Would you like to participate in an academic year of overseas travel
and digital storytelling in up to three countries on a globally significant
social or environmental topic? Well look no further, The
U.S. Department of State
and the
NationalGeographic Society are pleased to present the Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship.

Through this fellowship you will be able to undertake an
in-depth examination of a globally relevant issue or issues, comparing and
contrasting how that issue or issues is experienced across borders. Using a
variety of digital storytelling tools – including text, photography, video,
audio, graphic illustration, and/or social media – Fellows will tell their
stories (or the stories of those they meet) by publishing their work on
National Geographic digital platforms, with the support of National
Geographic’s editorial team.

For the Fellowship’s inaugural year of 2014, applications will
be accepted on the following themes: biodiversity, cities, climate change,
cultures, energy, food, oceans, and water.

The Program length is 9 months.

Program Requirements

  • Be a
    U.S. citizen;
  • Have at
    least a bachelor’s degree by start of grant. Applicants who hold a
    doctorate are ineligible; and
  • Have
    sufficient proficiency in the host country or countries language(s) to
    carry out the project required.
  • Applicants
    may come from any field, but must have applicable academic, artistic or
    professional background relevant to the proposed project. 
  • Candidates
    must have completed at least an undergraduate degree by the commencement
    of the program. 
  • Successful
    applicants will have a demonstrated talent for storytelling (including but
    not limited to publications on print, online or multimedia platforms) and
    an academic or professional background relevant to their proposed project.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2014

For more information follow this link:


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