Senator Dorgan Urges Washington Football Team Name Change in New Op-Ed

Yesterday morning, USA Today
published an opinion
written by CNAY founder and chairman, former US Senator Byron Dorgan. In the op-ed, Senator Dorgan,
a decades-long advocate for Native American children, calls on the Washington
DC football team to change its racist, offensive name.  While weaving the
tragic story of tribal chief Scarlet Crow, who was murdered in DC in 1867,
Dorgan declares, “Times change, and the failure to change with it ignores
the progress we have made in so many areas.”

In the op-ed
Senator Dorgan proudly describes the CNAY’s Champions
for Change
, a program designed to celebrate and promote inspirational young
leaders in Indian Country. Commenting on how the Champions for Change and other
young Native Americans feel about the name, Senator Dorgan says, “They are
proud of their heritage and their culture. But even at their young age, they
know about prejudice…They wouldn’t expect to be called “Redskins”
when they visit our city.  And, if called that, they would surely feel it
was a slur.”

Dorgan ends by saying,
“Most words that once were used to hurt and to reflect intolerance have
been now recognized as unacceptable. That should be the case with the name
Washington Redskins. The name should be changed!”

You can read the op-ed
in its entirety here:


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