Notah Begay III Foundation Announces New National Initiative

The Notah Begay
III Foundation
is planning to launch a new national initiative to continue
the fight against childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes for Native American
children. Thanks to a generous grant from the Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation
(RWJF), one of the nation’s largest health
foundations, NB3F will lead an “extensive research and advocacy initiatives
while assisting more Native American communities in developing their own
evidence-based health and wellness programs.”

According to the announcement, there is a one in two
chance that a Native American child will develop type-2 diabetes, often due to
obesity. The funding from FWJF will help with data collection and research on
childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes among Native American children.

The initiative will focus its investments in three
regions of the country – the southwest (New Mexico, Arizona), the Upper Midwest
(Minnesota, Wisconsin) and the Southern Plains (Oklahoma, Texas).

Notah Begay is a four-time PGA Tour winner, as well
as the founder of the, the Notah Begay III Foundation (NB3F). Founded in 2005
NB3F is a non-profit organization that focuses on profound health and wellness
issues that impact Native American Children. NB3F also hopes to empower Native
youth to become advocates, so that they may realize their calling as the
leaders of tomorrow. In the announcement posted on the NB3F website, Begay
states how important it is for the youth to understand their potential. “It’s
the next step in realizing our vision to empower Native American children
nationwide to achieve their potential as tomorrow’s leaders,” Begay said.

Begay has highlighted the severity of diabetes in
the Native youth populations: “Childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes are
epidemics in Native American communities. Until we invest the appropriate
resources to turn the tide against these preventable diseases, they will
continue to overwhelm our communities.”

For the full announcement visit:


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