Paid Internship Position: U.S. Census Bureau

Now Accepting Applications: Paid
internship with U.S. Census Bureau through Pathways program (deadline waived)

Intern must be
available for 20 hours per week minimum for both fall 2013 and spring 2014
semesters. Position will assist in the planning and execution of official tribal consultation
activities. Applicants should be graduate level or in undergraduate degree
program at least half-time pursuing Native Studies, Public Administration,
or other relevant area of study. Must have experience with tribal governments
or tribal organizations, possess knowledge of Native political issues
and cultural protocols. Must possess good writing skills with a firm
grasp of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. Must know
Microsoft Office and Excel. Need to be available to start asap. Need cover
letter, resume, and GPA. Email documents to Tribal Affairs Liaison: For
inquiries, call Cinda Hughes at 301-763-4330.


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