New York Times “Abandoned in Indian Country” Highlights the Work of Senator Dorgan and the Center for Native American Youth

On July 23, 2013, the New York Times Editorial Board published
“Abandoned in Indian Country”, reiterating the themes of Senator Byron Dorgan’s op-ed from July 10. Similar to Senator Dorgan’s op-ed, the Editorial Board highlighted
the harmful impact of sequestration on Indian Country, stressing the failure of
the federal government to honor its treaties to tribes.

“Byron Dorgan, the retired United States senator from North
Dakota who founded the Center for Native American Youth, demanded in an Op-Ed
article in The Times that Congress hold hearings to examine its broken treaty
promises and develop a plan for restitution. He said it should exempt Indian
country from sequestration. He is right. Where the deficit zealots see virtue,
we see moral failure. “

The article also cites the Center for Native American Youth’s
policy paper regarding how sequestration will impact Native youth.

“A report in May from the Center for Native American Youth
described the looming damage to housing and juvenile-justice programs,
child-welfare and mental-health services, and education. It predicted that
sequester cuts to the Department of Education would lead to staff reductions,
canceled programs and shortened school years affecting nearly 115,000 Indian
youths at 710 schools.”

The full op-ed in the New York Times can be read here.

More about the Center’s policy paper analyzing the impact of sequestration
on Native youth can be found here


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