June 19, 2013 Native Youth Listserv: Native Youth Leadership, Athletic and Adventure Academy!

This listserv provides information about the 2013 Native Youth Leadership, Athletic and
Adventure Academy (NYLAAA)! 

The Native
Wellness Institute
is offering the 2013 Native
Youth Leadership, Athletic and Adventure Academy
. While attending NYLAAA,
youth will exercise their bodies and their “Warrior Spirits” on and
off the court and playing field. In addition to participating in football,
basketball, weightlifting, traditional games, dance etc., youth will learn
about team building, wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, leadership, culture
and spirituality. An added bonus for participants this year will be
additional outdoor adventures to further growth and development.

Training topics include:

  • Living
    The Warrior Spirit
  • Athletic Skills &
  • Native Wellness
  • Positive Attitudes and
  • Self-esteem and
  • Power of Positive
  • Making Healthy
  • Culture and
  • Healthy Risk Taking

are available to Native youth ages 12 to 18 who are drug,
alcohol, tobacco and violence free 
and who want
to create and maintain a healthy life, 
learn athletic
skills and attain better physical fitness.  NYLAAA runs from Monday
June 24, 2013
to Thursday June 27, 2013 in Portland,

for more detailed information about the
application process and activities. You can also check out the NYLAAA brochure,
which includes registration information and forms. Registrations can
be made up until June 24th 2013. The Early
Bird Registration Fee is $375 and the Onsite Registration Fee is $475

For more information, please

Native Wellness Institute at info@nativewellness.com
or call (503) 666-7669              

encourage you to visit our website (
www.cnay.org) for
a comprehensive list of available resources (scholarships, fellowships,
summer programs, grant opportunities, etc.).
you for your continued support and interest in the Center for Native American

see what you’re looking for?
Email us back and let us
know what types of Native youth opportunities you are looking for and we can
be sure to include them in upcoming emails. We invite you to share your


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Native American Youth


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Founded by former US Senator Byron Dorgan, the
Center is a policy program within the Aspen Institute, headquartered in
Washington, DC. While a part of The Aspen Institute, the Center is also
overseen by a Board of Advisors. The goal of the Center is to bring greater
national attention to the issues facing Native American youth, and to foster
solutions, with special emphasis on youth suicide prevention.
How you can help.

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