NEW RELEASE: Voices of Native Youth Report Vol. 2

The Center for Native American Youth is committed to spending time in Indian Country to listen to and learn from young people about diverse challenges and successes. Since our launch in 2011, the Center has held over 50 youth roundtables in 13 different states with youth from over 150 tribes! The purpose of the Voices of Native Youth Report is to summarize and share what the Center has learned during these youth roundtables in tribal and urban Indian communities. Inviting youth to the table for dialogue helps guide the Center’s efforts and makes sure that their voices are present at the national level. This report is part of an annual effort to provide current feedback from young Native youth regarding challenges and successes in Indian Country. 

  • Key discussion themes from youth roundtables throughout 2012;
  • Native youth perspectives on education, suicide prevention, bullying, culture/community, child welfare, racial equity and extracurricular activities; 
  • Recommendations developed by young Natives that address decision-makers like tribal leaders, federal agencies, policy-makers; and
  • Shared resources between the Center, Native youth and/or tribal and urban Indian communities to address the challenges and/or ideas expressed by young Native Americans.

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