Native Youth Listserv: How to Start Your Own Community Garden!

The Center’s
Native Youth Listserv is a weekly email about scholarships, internships
or other opportunities available to Native youth. If you would like to sign up
or share an opportunity, click here
or contact the Center.

This week, the Center’s Native Youth Listserv email provided information about how to Start a Community Garden!

The American Community Gardening Association’s (ACGA)
mission is to help community’s increase and enhance community gardening
and greening across the nation. ACGA provides resources and ideas about
how to start your own community garden with help from friends, neighbors, schools, and other local organizations. Follow these steps to help plan, organize, and create your own community garden:

Form a  Planning Committee

Choose a Site

Prepare and Develop the Site

Organize the Garden

Think about Insurance

Setting up a New Gardening Organization

How to Manage Your Community Garden



Every community is different, so these are just ideas to get you started! For more information about these steps download the ACGA’s “Fact Sheet,” and visit ACGA’s website for more resources and tools. 

We also encourage you to visit our one-stop shop resource center
for a comprehensive list of available resources (scholarships,
fellowships, summer programs, grant opportunities, etc.). 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email
us back and let us know what types of Native youth opportunities you’d
like to see and we can be sure to include them in upcoming Native Youth Listserv emails. We
invite you to share your feedback!


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