Time to Register: Food Systems, Youth Leadership and Physical Activity Convening to Fight Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes!

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is is the only
nonprofit organization using sports, health and leadership programs to fight
type 2 diabetes among Native American youth.

On Tuesday, August 7th, NB3 will hold a 1-day convening to focus on building a collaborative approach in New
Mexico to reduce childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes among Native
American youth. The objective will be to highlight best practices and
areas of specific need for capacity building and development in order to
increase collaboration and impact in each of the following areas:

•Native American food systems best practices and areas of need and development.

•Youth leadership development.

•Community facilities and physical activity programs for Native American children and families.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Location: Institute for American Indian Arts Commons Room – Santa Fe, NM

Schedule: 8am – 5pm Convening

               5pm – 6pm Networking Reception *Breakfast and Lunch Provided

results of these discussions will be published and presented to the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and state and national stakeholders to
encourage investment and development in the areas identified by
participants and stakeholders. To get involved, contact Cyanne Lujan, NB3 Foundation at (505) 867-0775 or cyanne@nb3f.org. You can also click here for more information.


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