Let’s Move! in Indian Country Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

For the anniversary of the First Lady’s
Let’s Move! in Indian Country (LMIC) initiative, the White
House would like to hear from those across Indian Country who are working to
mitigate childhood obesity in their communities.
than one out of every three American children are overweight or obese, placing
them at greater risk for chronic disease and contributing to rising health care
costs, as well as declining productivity.
 Obesity is
even more prevalent amongst American Indian and Alaskan Native youth who are the
two times as likely to be diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and other related

To commemorate the one year
anniversary of Let’s Move! in Indian Country the White House is seeking stories and
models for success from Tribes, Urban Indian Centers, Schools, local and
national organizations, and others working to promote the goals of

Four Goal Areas are:
  1. Creating a Healthy Start on Life
2. Developing Healthy Learning Communities
          3. Increasing Physical
          4. Fostering Healthy, Comprehensive Food System

Click here to read more and to submit your LMIC Story!


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